Invasion 1944 and Combined Ops
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 Enlistment Paper

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PostSubject: Enlistment Paper   Enlistment Paper I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 07, 2012 6:58 pm

Enlistment Paper 169rx3o

Here are the enlistment paper format. By following through the questions, you will be proceeding through your step as a fresh recruit, by going through the bootcamp and airborne school will get you fully accepted into the unit. Posting your application will apply yourself into a entry inside our Airborne School not as a unit member yet. You will need to pass the airborne school to be accepted in the unit.

Here are few pointers you should know
-Realistic name is required
-We do not have age limit but we demand high maturity level from everyone
-Always be active

For your "Title of the Topic" it will be "-yournamehere-'s Enlistment"


On scale of 10, how high is your maturity:
What make you think you got "it" for the Airborne:
If you were Recruited, please tell the name of recruiter:

We have several special position that might be just open for you. Please put the X in the [X] for desired position (you may choose as much u want)

Rifleman [ ]
Automatic rifleman [ ]
Anti-Tank [ ]
Engineer [ ]
Machinegunner [ ]
Helicopter Pilot [ ]
Radioman [ ]

We Cover The Mod Called Invasion 1944 and The Base Game, ARMA: Combined Operation
Please check what you OWN and WISH TO JOIN THAT BRANCH

Invasion 1944 [ ]

ARMA: Combined Ops [ ]

By posting this application, you have agreed to be mature, active, and willing to follow order and the common rules of the unit.

Sign here:

Good Luck! A Recruiting Officer will get back at you with the application.
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Enlistment Paper
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